What is a "Birdtalk"?

Want to know more about our local birds and behavior? How to use our feeders? What seed is best for attracting specific species? Our birdtalks are for you!


Birdtalk- Giddy for Goldfinches!

January 25th- 10:30am

Those bouncing bright birds that bring so much joy to our yards can be hard to hold on to. Come join us for a talk on Goldfinches with suggestions on best feeders, seed and cleaning practices. 


Birdtalk- Nesting Necessities

February 22nd, 10:30am

You've been bird feeding for years, but how are your landlord skills? Nesting starts in late February, and it's time to brush up on bird house basics! Learn what the popular species in our area require for nesting, nest box specifications, and proper predator guards.