WBU in the 'Burg

                           Welcome to the home of the freshest birdseed in town!

   Since 1990, Wild Birds Unlimited Williamsburg has provided bird enthusiasts with all they need to create a bird haven in their own backyard! We carry the freshest seed (brought in each week!), top of the line Feeders, Birdbaths, Hardware, Bird Houses, Gifts for nature lovers, the list goes on...

    We are locally owned and operated, so we care about your bird feeding experience! We know the local birds, what they eat, and the type of house they might use. We can give you advice on stumping squirrels (yes, it is possible!), attracting bluebirds, and outwitting crows.

Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in discovering the wonder in your own backyard! 

Aidan makes his "Choice"